Saturday, 11 June 2011

i'm in love with all these guys !

the wanted :)
nape la aku baru perasan band ney wujud. huh!
lagu heart vacancy best !
the latest glad you came
baru kuar semalam huhu
love u all ! winkwink*

but i''m da biggest fan of NATHAN
this cute one
hi safraa ! *hee

nak autograph ye dik? ngeh3

i sing this song special for you safraa :) 

cute tak ? hehe

peace yaw !

hahaha :)

thumbs up beb !

i love his hair <3

grr !

hehe cute kan saye ney? *cewah cewah

love u nathan :)

Name: Nathan James Sykes
Age: 17
Date Of Birth:18/04/93
Hometown: Gloucester
Star Sign: Aries
Favourite Food:Spag Bol, Chinese, Soup, Roast dinners

let me introduce the other members ya!

this is SIVA 

Name: Siva Kaneswaran
Age: 21
Date Of Birth:16/11/1988
Hometown: Ireland
Star Sign: Scorpio
Favourite Food:Shepherd's pie, Brownies, stew

this one is MAX

Name: Maximillian Alberto George
Age: 22
Date Of Birth:06/09/1988
Hometown: Manchester
Star Sign: Virgo
Favourite Food:Dominos, full english, steak (as rare as it can be!)

this is TOM

Name: Tom Parker
Age: 22
Date Of Birth:04/08/1988
Hometown: Bolton
Star Sign: Leo
Favourite Food: Indian, Italian

last but not least is JAY

Name: James McGuiness
Age: 20
Date Of Birth:24/07/90
Hometown: Nottingham
Star Sign: Leo
Favourite Food:Errrrrm, pizza, pasta and pesto, chips, cheese toasties, starbars, eggs in any form

hopes its not to late for me to be one of their billion fans :)